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The Top Ten Reasons for using Promotional Products

article supplied by Branders.com - San Mateo, CA
The Top Ten Reasons for using Promotional Products

When starting out with a promotional marketing campaign, it is best to start off by aligning on your objective.

  • Promote brand awareness and name recall. Promo products can serve as a constant reminder of the service / products you offer. As such, it is a great tool for building brand awareness and loyalty.

  • Announce a change in your business. Whether you're opening a new branch or launching a product, you can use customized items to advertise you newsworthy subject.

  • Help bring traffic to your trade show booth. Small gifts or incentives can be used as a hook to attract prospects to your booth. Work from there to create lasting business relationships.

  • Enhance the image of the company. Advertising specialties can help build customer goodwill towards your company.

  • Attract new clients or capture new accounts. Promo products help introduce your company, your products and services to a new market.

  • Serve as an instrument for awareness campaigns. These items can effectively inform the public about your cause. It has been used numerous times for different public awareness campaigns on public safety, health hazards, environmental campaigns and the like.

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  • Say thank you. Nothing says thank you better than a well thought out gift.

  • Motivate employees and increase productivity. Give it out as a service memento or token of recognition for loyal employees. These items help boost employees morale and motivate them to achieve greater productivity.

  • Recruit new employees or retain the ones you have. Give them away during job fairs or recruitment open calls to attract the kind of employees you want. If your company is geared more towards curbing employee attrition, you build your rewards program around products with your company name and logo.

  • Foster team spirit and office camaraderie. Make new employees feel like they're part of a team with a branded welcome gift. You can also use items like promotional apparel and accessories to encourage team spirit during company-sponsored sporting events and games.

    Compared to other forms of advertising, promotional items are relatively cheaper. Yet, they pack just as much power as other marketing media. Due to their significantly lower acquisition cost, promotional products are able to bring in better returns for your investment.
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