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Commercial Photographers

What is commercial photography?

Commercial photography is photographic work done for commercial purposes, such as for magazine advertising, corporate publications, brochures, restaurant menus, etc. On a basic level, commercial photography involves a client that wants to sell or promote something for which they need photographs taken.

Commercial photographs fall into many categories: 
  • Photos may be taken of a product a business is trying to sell, such as a car or a piece of furniture. 
  • Some businesses, like sports teams or real estate firms, may need aerial photography to show their stadium or property in an attractive way. 
  • Architectural photography may be needed by a commercial builder or architect. 
  • Photographs of food are seen everywhere from fast food menus to ads in culinary magazines. 
  • And of course, most people are familiar with fashion photography, which appears in magazines, on billboards, on TV, and many other places.

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If your business is in need of attractive, professional promotional materials or advertising, commercial photography may be needed. Commercial photographers will work with you on the best way to show your product for whatever purpose you need, from magazine advertising to your annual report.
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